Catalyst SAT Bootcamp


The Catalyst SAT Bootcamp is a two-day seminar for students that provides go-to strategies for every question they’ll face on the test — a real preparation class designed by instructors who have earned multiple perfect scores on the actual SAT. The SAT Bootcamp is designed for students taking the SAT before the Spring. Topics include how to:
✓Shortcut math questions that stump more than 90% of test-takers
✓Compose a perfect-score essay — no matter what question the SAT asks
✓Spot hidden clues that instantly reveal the main idea in long reading passages
✓Avoid the four sneakiest ways SAT Grammar questions try to trick students
West Windsor-Plainboro High School North
visit or call 888.235.0056
$175 – We unfortunately cannot accommodate walk-in students.
For more information or to enroll, visit and click the Bootcamp Sign-Up tab on the website’s menu bar or give us a call at 800.235.0056.
Watch for PTSA announcements time to time for upcoming Bootcamps. HSN PTSA email announcements come out from with HSN PTSA in subject line.
A Portion Of The Proceeds From This Event Benefits The North PTSA!