WWP High School North
Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA)
***What’s it all about***

Where does the PTSA’s money come from?

The majority of our money comes from your donations to our Just Write A Check (JWAC) campaign and Membership Dues.


What do we do with the money?

  • College Scholarship Awards to eligible graduating seniors (parent and student must be PTSA member): In 2019, HSN PTSA awarded scholarships to six (6) 2019 graduates, totaling $4,000.
  • Grants to school clubs, teacher and student lead groups: In 2019, the PTSA gave $3,500 in Mini Grants to PE Department for the pool equipment, towards Elliptical purchase and to Music department – Band and Orchestra and to the Knights Amory and other clubs.
  • Post Prom: In 2019, the PTSA gave $1,000 to help cover their costs.
  • School Gift: PTSA gifted $1,500 to HSN towards the purchase of HSN Mascot that was purchased in June of 2019.
  • Faculty Appreciation Events – To show appreciation for all the hard work our teachers and staff invest into our students, we host a Staff Appreciation Lunch as well as provide refreshments to our HSN Staff on first in service day and on Back to School Night.


What are we planning for 2019– 2020?

  • September 12th – Meet HSN Principal Dr. Jonathan Dauber and other key members of HS staff -Year ahead.
  • October 10th-. Guest speaker Science Supervisor, Richard Stec – Hands on experience for the parents!
  • November 14thSpecial presentation on financial literacy in planning for college. Learn what FAFSA is, Financial aid and various options available to the students;
  • January 15th – Lee Riley, Head of HSN guidance- Standardized tests and updated high school graduating requirements.
  • February 19th Volunteer and Job Fair We will join forces with HSS to host this fair for our students featuring several local volunteer organizations and businesses offering volunteer/summer job opportunities. This year the fair will be held at HSN.
  • March 5th– Guest speaker Lee McDonald, Director of Guidance; Navigating Naviance & how to get the most out of college
  • April 2nd -Guest speaker Randy Levin; Topic: The top ten mistakes students make on their college application essays!
  • May 21st – Learn about 1st year college experience and safety tips from a panel of HSN Student Alumni.
  • December 5th and February 20th – Coffee with the Principal.8:30-10:00am


Through the year: Take advantage of SAT/ACT boot camps at both HSN & HSS, practice SAT/ACT tests in December and practice PSAT in March at HSN. First Tuesday of every month, HSN guidance department offers, “Table discussions for HSN parents.”


Who are the officers of the PTSA for the 2019-2020 school year?

  • President – Suparna Mahableshwarkar; suparnasm@yahoo.com Suparna grew up in India and has lived in West Windsor since 2005. She has a daughter in college and a rising junior son at HSN. Suparna has been an active member of the PTAs at Dutch Neck, Village, CMS and she has served as the President of HSN and CMS PTSA. She is happy to be at HSN and is looking forward to working with this wonderful board.
  • Vice President Student Programs – Sandra Faivre; SLFaivre@gmail.com Sandra has lived in West Windsor for 15 years. She has daughter in college and sophomore son at HSN.  She has been an active member of the PTA for the last 9 years, and has served as PTA President at Dutch Neck, Village, CMS and HSN.  She is excited to take a step back and yet still be involved.
  • Vice President Fundraising– Nancy Elfar; enancy3@gmail.com Nancy grew up in northern New Jersey and has lived in West Windsor for 11 years.  She has 2 daughters, a rising junior and a rising sophomore at HSN. She has been involved at various levels in Dutch Neck, Village, CMS, and HSN PTA.  Her professional background is in Special Education and Early Childhood.
  • Co-Vice President Standing Committees – Mei Lin; mlin_1988@yahoo.com Mei grew up in China and came to America in 1992 to pursue her Ph. D. in BioAnalytic Chemistry.  She moved to Plainsboro in 1999. She has a son who is a rising senior at  Mei has served on the PTSA board of HSN during the past three years.
  • Co-Vice President Standing Committees – Annie Ran; ranhuang@yahoo.com Annie grew up in China and came to the USA 23 years ago. She holds a Bachelor’s degree from Penn State and worked in Corporate Finance area before she became a mom! She has a freshman son at HSN and a daughter in 7th grade at CMS. She served on the CMS PTSA board for the past two years and she is very excited to join HSN PTSA board this year!
  • Secretary – Cindy Chait; cindychait278@gmail.com Cindy has lived in West Windsor for 17 years. She has a son who is a rising junior and a rising freshman daughter at HSN.  Cindy was a vice president of the Dutch Neck PTA for five years.  This is Cindy’s second year on the HSN PTSA board.
  • Treasurer –Suchita Sharma; sharma@gmail.com Suchita has lived in west Windsor for almost 4 years. She has a son who is a rising sophomore at HSN and a daughter in 4th grade at Village school. Suchita was an active member of Dutch Neck PTA and has organized various school events. This is her first year on HSN board. She looking forward to working with this wonderful board.


Please watch for email announcements throughout the year for PTSA meetings, events, programs, Post Prom Fundraising and updates. Our email blasts come from “High School North” with “HSN and PTSA Newsletter” in the subject line.